The Sainte-Flavie “Tithe” Barn

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The Sainte-Flavie “Tithe” Barn
The Sainte-Flavie “Tithe” Barn
The Sainte-Flavie “Tithe” Barn
The Sainte-Flavie “Tithe” Barn
The Sainte-Flavie “Tithe” Barn
The Sainte-Flavie “Tithe” Barn


The Sainte-Flavie “Tithe” Barn is a real heritage treasure. It is as interesting for its history, function and rarity as for its simple but very revealing architectural style. The tithe used to be a kind of tax paid in kind, which the parishioners considered to be a religious obligation. As for the barn, it was used to store the different varieties of cereals produced by the growers.

There was a time when tithe barns were very widespread in rural Québec. Today, their numbers are dwindling and they are often slated for demolition. For a long time the more modest architectural heritage pieces were neglected and attention was focused on the larger more prestigious buildings. The barn in Sainte Flavie just barely survived. The preservation of the Sainte Flavie “Tithe” Barn is a way to raise the public’s awareness of buildings that frequently go unnoticed but often say a great deal about the way our ancestors lived.

Beyond the thematic content related to the tithe, the Interpretation Centre offers the “Tithe Barn Exhibition — a Living Memory”: A history of the life of Sainte Flavie — that reveals the multiple facets of Sainte Flavie through a thematic approach including: fishing, local businesses (butter plant, smithy, hotels and tannery), the agriculture of the local people and the specifics of its agrarian culture.



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