Kamouraska Art Centre

111, avenue Morel
Phone: 418-492-9458

Kamouraska Art Centre


The Kamouraska Art Centre’s mission is to support the research, creation, production and dissemination of contemporary art. Focusing on visual arts and quality crafts, the Art Centre schedules temporary exhibitions, one-time large scale events, thematic conferences, workshops and cultural mediation activities. The actions of the Art Centre are meant to support and promote professional artists at different points in their careers, accompany and encourage innovations of artistic practices and help the general public to better accept and understand contemporary art works.

Concerned with the accessibility of Art and culture in remote areas, the Art Center has developed and perfected an enviable expertise in the field of cultural mediation and educational activities. As one of the foremost social, cultural and educational players in the local communities and in early childhood institutions and schools, the Kamouraska Art Centre contributes to the animation of rural communities revitalizing the living environment. Through its multiple educational actions and its capacity to stimulate the emergence of reinvented artistic forms for young audiences, its goal is to raise the awareness of modern Art while constantly reaffirming its function as a “ferryman of culture”.

The Kamouraska Art Centre’s is both an exhibition centre—with an educational mandate and travelling exhibitions as well as a self-managed Artists’ Centre—with its concerns about artistic orientation and governance. Proud of its unique educational approach and its bonding with the surrounding rural communities, the Kamouraska Art Centre provides a major artistic forum for contemporary artists and positions itself as a key promoter of tourism, cultural, social, and economic development and outreach, in the Kamouraska region.



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