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At the beginning of the century, wealthy American and English Canadian businessmen purchased Mount Stephen’s old properties to form the “Matamajaw Salmon Club”. From that moment on, and for over 60 years, the luxurious club would host its members and their guests to allow them to engage in noble combat with the king of our rivers, the Atlantic salmon.

A visit of the main pavilion will plunge you into the atmosphere of the “Matamajaw Salmon Club”. Discover the different exhibition halls of this fabulous estate dedicated to salmon fishing. In addition to the main pavilion, visit: “la neigière” (the snow warehouse), the boat shed and the salmon pool. “La neigière” helps to appreciate the different ways of preparing salmon and snow it contains doesn’t melt before September. An exhibition about the first inhabitants of the region and different historical canoes is presented in the canoe shed. Continue your visit by observing some real salmons in a reconstituted natural environment. Bilingual interactive exhibitions.

Also take the time to visit our boutique at the reception of the museum. You’ll find a vast range of silkscreened souvenir clothing and products made by our craft weavers.

The House of Dr. Joseph Frenette immerse you in the authentic universe of the first country doctor established in Causapscal. A historical attraction not to be missed!

At the Art Gallery - Tea salon, take in painter Marie-France Lauzier's “Café, resto et bistro” exhibition. We also have a vast selection of teas and sweets to offer you. Sale of original works and tie-ins.

Don’t miss the Museum Musical Thursdays on the terrace Matamajaw. Come and applaud our regional talents in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere. From 5 PM to 7 PM, free admission and bar service.

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