Sayabec Heritage Train Station

11 route 132
Phone: 418-536-5440 #101

Sayabec Heritage Train Station

Built in 1912, the Sayabec Heritage Train Station plays an important part in our environment. In 1978, the CN transferred the majority of its passenger transportation activities to Via Rail.

Then, in 1997, the Municipality of Sayabec granted a contract to move the building to its present site. In 2005, after a meeting of the main representatives of our community organizations, a restricted committee was formed to put the project back on track. Then, with the financial support of several partners, the restoration work was completed in 2013.

Our mission is to protect the built and intangible heritage in order to allow our local population and our visitors to learn more about our history and roots.

To accomplish this, several activities are provided to the population. The ladies waiting room and the station Master’s office constitute the interpretation site where one learns about the construction of the Intercolonial Railway, the demographic and economical impact of the train as well as the work of the first colonists. Educational visits are available for primary and secondary school children.

Visitors may purchase excellent local products and craft items.

The basement has been turned into a night club featuring local artists and is also sometimes used by speakers.

You can be sure that the Sayabec Heritage Train Station will continue to play its original part as a meeting place for the community and we want this building to continue to fulfill its mission of “preserving the heritage of a municipality where life is good”.



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