“Head for the Stars!”

Interpretive Center ASTER

Sciences Sciences

Permanent exhibition

ASTER takes you on a journey to discover the universe through time and space. From Newton’s apple orchard to the deck of the ship “La Boudeuse”, the public will discover the sky as experienced by the great 18th century navigators. The secrets of the moon and our connection with the stars await you.

Then you are transported into the future, aboard our space craft navigating around our star. Discover the solar system, pilot the vessel and experience the fourth state of matter with our plasma engine. The approximately 1 hour 20-minute visit includes an observation session in the observatory dome. Before the sunset, a solar telescope will allow us to safely observe solar spots and solar surface eruptions. After nightfall, the 410 mm (16 inch) telescope takes over: On the menu the rings of Saturn, the nebulae, galaxies and a careful look at the moon when it is visible in the sky.

This experience will mark your vacations, rain or shine!


“Head for the Stars!”
“Head for the Stars!”

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