About the Network

The Lower Saint Lawrence Museum Network was formed in 2011 as a result of the interest expressed by several regional museums for creating a structure where museum and heritage organizations could meet, share information and cooperate.

Our Mission

The Lower Saint Lawrence Museum Network’s mission is to consolidate the region’s museum institutions (museums, interpretation and/or exhibition centres) to promote them, represent their interests and foster their development.

Our Objectives Are to:

  • reinforce the members’ solidarity and complementarity by identifying their shared interests and exploring the possibilities of pooling information and services

  • advocate the members’ collective needs with the regional, provincial and federal authorities

  • support the harmonious development and enhancement of the rich heritage, culture and natural resources of the Lower Saint Lawrence territory

  • perform combined promotions to generate an economic contribution both for the Lower Saint Lawrence region and its museum institutions.

  • generate a synergy among the members by combining actions to achieve a strong single impact while working within limited means

  • be an active partner in the field of tourism and regional development.